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Fostering global skills for professionals, educators & students

Developing global fluency is a lifelong journey. Anchored in research from Harvard University, the Asia Society, and other internationally acclaimed resources, The Global Fluency Institute provides individuals with the tools, skills, and mindset to function successfully in an interconnected, culturally diverse world.

These seminars make me want to pursue opportunities to increase my cross-cultural interactions, to learn more, and to put what I’ve learned into practice.”

National Advisory Committee

Kate Berseth

EF Education First

Executive Vice President, North America

Brandon Busteed


Executive Director, Education & Workforce Development

Deb Delisle


Executive Director & CEO

Mo-Yun Fong

Google, Inc.

Director, K-12 Education, Catalyst for Equity in Education

Dr. Daniel Keenan, Jr.

Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

Executive Director

Jennifer Manise

Longview Foundation

Executive Director

Brad McDearman

The Brookings Institute

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program

Dr. Lori Murray

Council on Foreign Relations

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Caroline Netchvolodoff

Council on Foreign Relations

Vice President

Dr. Fernando Reimers

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Ford Foundation Professor of Practice in International Education

Heather Singmaster

Asia Society

Associate Director, Center for Global Education

Matt Williams


Vice President, Policy and Advocacy